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LiTech Solutions has collection of best software products related to retail business.

We are currently having three products, Back Office Software, Lottery Accounting Software & Mobile Gaming Application.

Our Products


Back Office Software

Our software provides back office software solutions for convenience stores & gas stations. It gives c-store & gas station owners and operators the tools they need to stay in the know and control daily operations with ease.



  • Price
  • Inventory Management
  • Access Real Time Data
  • HR Management
  • Financial Cash Flow & Live Sales
  • Save Time & Minimize Errors
  • Track Profits
  • Loyalty
  • Buy Down Management

Lottery Accounting Software

Our software eliminates the time, efforts & errors writing daily shift ticket numbers. It helps to prevent employee theft and malpractices. By the help of this software, shift can be closed quickly.



  • Automates & Monitors the sales of instant tickets
  • Notifies the fastest moving tickets
  • Increase your lottery sales
  • Help to reduce paperwork
  • Identify any missing or stolen ticket
  • It suggests best tickets for empty boxes
  • Close store shifts in a matter of minutes
  • Report can be emailed automatically after shift close

Mobile Gaming Application

Since 2010, We are delivering Mobile Game production excellence. We offer a complete game studio solution.


How we work:

  • Bring your creative vision to life
  • Maximize mobile performance
  • Design high-quality, scalable graphics
  • Launch quickly with quality
  • Build once, reach billions
  • Get players online and connected
  • Drive sustainable revenue with ads